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Rwanda Gitswimbe - Natural

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Region: Nyamasheke

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Altitude: app: 1550-1800 masl

Process: Natural

Tasting Notes:

Acidity - complex
Flavours - Red Apple, Stone Fruit, Maple
Sweetness - Syrup
Mouthfeel - Juicy
Aftertaste - moderate

Roast level:

We recommend use with:
Best on filter brews

Roast days are - Tuesday and Thursday

Dispatch within 24hrs of roast day.

Our newest Rwanda for this season holds a special place for us because it is the first natural process we have brought in from the origin. A practice that was illegal to sell and export from Rwanda, due to the risk of quality defects, the law was overturned last year and we are starting to see new expression of Rwandan coffees develop.
This lot comes from around 150 small holder families in the area around the town of Gitsimbwe and is then processed at the Kilimbi washing station. A quality manager from the wash station is on hand to assist the farmers in correct picking practices to make sure the best ripened cherries are selected for the natural process, and any defects are caught as early as possible.
The lots are dried on raised African drying beds, adding to the quality focus. With up to 300kg of cherry dried at a time there can be a lot of attention paid to how evenly the coffee ferments and then dries out.
Before being packaged and shipped out the coffee is constantly checked for the ideal moisture content before being milled to remove the dried cherry then parchment and run through another quality check to hand remove any more defects that may have made it to this last stage.