Mexcio Juarez Lot #5 - Washed

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Farm: Finca Chelin & Neighbours

Region: Sierra Juarez

Varietal: Mixed

Altitude: app: 13-1600 masl

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes:

Acidity - Complex 
Flavours - Dried Orchard Fruit, Hazelnut, Almond
Sweetness - Fruit 
Mouthfeel - Round
Aftertaste - Moderate 

Roast level: Medium

We recommend use with: All brew methods

Shipping info: Dispatch within 24hrs of roast days of - Tuesday and Thursday


More about the coffee: 

 Notes  from our importer: “Oaxaca is worldwide famous as Mexico's state of cultural and culinary diversity with its delicious food and mezcals that are full of complex flavours. Over the last years, especially thanks to farms like Finca Chelín, we've learned that the flavour profiles of Oaxaca's coffees can be as colourful as it's culture and cuisine.

 Oaxaca has a lot to offer when it comes to coffee, and the production is mostly organic. The state was hit tremendously by coffee leaf rust, however the fields are slowly recovering. Fortunately most of the producers still focus on traditional varieties. It is difficult to find a country where still so much Typica (and its traditional local mutation Plums Hidalgo) or Bourbon can be found.

 These varieties and Oaxaca's climate contribute to it's enormous potential to produce high quality specialty lots. This year we are excited to be able to offer coffees from principally two regions, Sierra Juárez which is North of Oaxaca and Ozolotepec, uniquely nestled between Oaxaca's central valley and the Pacific coast. Altitudes between 1400 and 1900 metres are exceptionally high when taking into consideration Oaxaca's latitude. The result are low temperatures which lead to high density beans and allow long fermentations as well as relatively slow drying times.

 Visiting the regions and taking these factors into consideration it is no surprise how complex the coffees are that grow on its fields. We cupped some of our most outstanding tables ever and were impressed by the coffees sweetness and complex acidity (especially malic and tartaric) that contribute to juicy and jammy profiles. Grapes, apricot, raisins, blueberry, tropical fruits, tamarind, red apple, rhubarb, almonds were just a few of our cupping notes and show that Mexican coffees can be so it more than just hazelnut blenders.

 The average size of the farms we work with is relatively small with only around two hectares. Unfortunately the Mexican market is still dominated by coyotes, intermediaries that pay low prices cash to the producers regardless of the coffees physical or sensory quality. Our goal is to offer producers access to a different market model, giving incentives for higher qualities. Therefore we spent the whole harvest directly in the towns with our mobile cupping lab, analysing and cupping every lot separately, even if it's no bigger than 20kg. For us only this approach makes it possible to separate and pay incentives for high qualities, to create consistent blends and especially to give useful feedback to the producers.”

For us we loved Lot #5 with is light and sweet dried fruit notes, balanced and rounded by two king nuts, Almond and Hazel. This allowed the coffee to be super versatile across brewing methods and shine on espresso.