Xmas Brew

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Tasting Notes:

Flavour - Orange, Apple, Winter Spice, Xmas Pud
Acidity - Medium
Sweetness - Stewed Fruit
Mouthfeel - Juicy
Aftertaste - Lasting

Roast Level: Medium

Dipilito, Nicaragua

Varietal: Marselleza

Altitude: app: 10-1200 masl

Process: Natural

We recommend use with: Works across brew methods. Best on full immersion or espresso methods

Shipping info: Dispatch within approx 24hrs of roast days.

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More about the coffee

Recommended brew recipe:
V60 - 22g coffee, 250g of water for a 2 minute 45 second brew using 99* water and the Scott Rao Method

Espresso - 1:2 ratio for 31 seconds at 8 bar and 96 degrees Celsius. Water hardness of 50ppm

Full Immersion - 18g in 250g of water straight off boil. Coarse grind and a 4 minute steep on average.