Naecaf - Decaffeinated Coffee

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Process: Sparkling Water Decaffeination

Tasting Notes:

Acidity - Medium 
Flavours - Mixed berry and Chocolate
Sweetness - Chocolate
Mouthfeel - Heavy
Aftertaste - Moderate 

Roast level: Medium

Region: Blended - Bolivia [Caranavi] and Honduras [Copan]

Varietal: Mixed

Altitude: app: 1400-1600 masl

We recommend use with: All brew methods

Shipping info: Dispatch within approx 24hrs of roast days.

Espresso - 
17g in to 36g out 28 seconds.
Water at 96 degrees under 7 bars of pressure. 50ppm Water. EK43 at 1.8.
Manual Brew/Batch - A brew ratio of 1:2.25 with 98 degree water. Pourover time 2'45". Full immersion start at 4min steep.


More about the coffee: 

We take advantage of a great program dedicated to bringing the highest quality, naturally processed decaf to market! We work with importers who hand pick great coffees long before they hit the decaffeination process, breaking from the industry norm. By doing this, we are able to provide one of the highest quality water based decaffeination's around.

This particular lot is chosen from some of the fantastic lots brought by grower organisations in both origins who may have had a lower yield or a score of around 84 points for particular lots. All the coffee is hand picked, depulped, washed and patio or mechanically dried.