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We could tell you a funky mission statement or a plan for world domination.....but Papercup is all about a love of coffee and food. It's that simple. No end goals and certainly no business plans....just amazing coffee and food.

Our home is in Glasgow's West End where from our humble beginnings as a small specialty coffee shop/roastery, we now have both a cafe, serving delicious coffee and food, and also our coffee roastery just down the road, where we do the roasting of the delicious coffee. 

We have a simple philosophy and that is to focus on quality. We think everything else will look after itself if your selling top quality coffee, top quality food and giving top quality service.

Our coffee is available through this website, at the cafe or through select stockists and wholesalers (who share our values and passion).

Please browse the website, or better still, come visit us. If you can't make it then fire any questions over to us via the contact tab.

We love what we do but we don't take yourself ourselves seriously.


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